Thursday, September 24, 2009

Dancing With A Ghost

And now the lyrics is out. I have yet to hear the whole song, but i will have to wait on the opening day of my exhibit. For now, i'm good with the lyrics. It is exactly how i envisioned the artwork. The lyrics gave justice to my artwork. I love it.

(music and lyrics by Jude Gitamondoc, September 24, 2009)

You belong to me
In the empty halls of my mind
In a place where no space or time exists
There you are mine...

Long before the party began
You looked my way and you took my hand
You held me strong and we started to dance
To a song only we could hear
Only we could know...

You're my guest and I'm your host
In my head, I'm dancing with a ghost

Long after all the bills have been paid
Long after all the songs have been played
You held me close and our two bodies swayed
To a beat only we could share
Only we could know...

You belong to me
In the empty halls of my mind
Long after the crowd has left me behind
Here I am, dancing still...

While the voices in my head propose a toast
To the fool who's dancing with a ghost
Here I am, I'm dancing with a ghost.

Copyright © MasterWorks 2009


Jude, it helped that you got depressed with the song. That's the whole idea. hehehe


Nonon Yee said...

hala...nice lagi kaayo pagka-suwat ani!!! :D

palot said...

depressing.. hehe

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