Thursday, September 10, 2009


A little show of progress on what's keeping me busy and anxious at the same time these days. It's still a long way to go but im happy about the outcome little by little. :)

Last night a collaboration has been made with a new friend of mine. A song writer friend will make a song from one of my artwork. I showed him a very rough sketch that i made. I think he found the title catchy that he decided to choose that artwork for a new song. Dancing With A Ghost, is the title. Migedd! I can't contain my excitement already!

This is going to be the first! Someone will make a song out of my artwork! weeeeeee!!!

Ka-exciting ani gheeeennnggggg!!!!!! Thanks Jude! Dili jud ka loser, ako ra lage! :D

You can find my friends music compos here.


Nonon Yee said...

Nice...payter...collaboration sa song writer ug visual artist...^_^

is this part of the artwork on your previous post??

Rachael said...

WEeeee hapit na ang exhibit! can't wait na!

palot said...

yes non, part ni siya sa previous post. :)
dako mani gud, daghan details.

rocks! hapit na lage. natatatel na ako!!!!!

Narki said...


Mag atang napod ko kung unsa na music iya i-create para ato na artwork bai!!!

palot said...

himuan natu nig event bai! collab with songwriters bai! chui ni kaayu!!!

Narki said...

chui gyud! ganahan ko sa idea! hehe!

clarence said...

nice idea.
collab sa songwriter and visual artist.


palot said...

clarence, i think maporma najud ni nga prjoect. ian, cattski, jude and i are talking about this na. :D

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