Thursday, September 17, 2009

Funeral For A Past

I had this really intriguing dream 2 or 3 days ago. My ex and i were carrying a black casket and we wanted to bring it to a church then burry it after. The casket fits a body of a child. A boy, actually. His face flashed into me when we kind of tripped along the way. I got worried of the dead boy .

The whole picture didn't look like a funeral to me since we were the only ones who were there. It did not even have that mourning feel. We both seemed to be, i dunno, not excited but somehow it seemed like we needed to do it for some reason.
I will explore on this in my artworks. I wanted to make a peice out of it. It seemed like its saying something about our relationship. My ex and i are ok now and back to our normal talking-friends mode. We're burying our past and moving on fast. :)


Narki said...

hapit naka mahuman ug render ani bai? hehehehe

palot said...

wala pani nako naFINALIZE bai! aaheheehhe... pero mahuman jud ni nako.:D

intresting kaayu...

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