Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Holding On

Sketch, pencil on paper

Yes, that is the whole idea of this piece. At one point in our lives we lived and tried to stay in that dead moment in our life. Trying to hold on.

Here's a peek on Dancing With A Ghost. Jude Gitamondoc will finish this piece with his song. With the master's composition, i'm sure this will be a unique collaboration.

Final render on photoshop. This is just one part of the whole image. Don't wanna spoil the fun!


Narki said...

bai! nahuman na nimo ang dancing with a ghost??? hehehe

palot said...

yes bai!!! mana! ang kanta na lang kulang. :)

Narki said...

katan-awon na kaayu ko! hahahahahah!! pero inig exhibit nalang gyud ko tan-aw bai!!!

lemme suffer myself a bit! =))

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