Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Here is an example of "you can't please everyone"artwork. I was made to believe that i was on the right track. Suddenly a change of mind, this is not good enough. I would've wanted to include the rest on the details on this poster but, out of respect i will skip that one. I thought this was really awesome especially with the texts and other colors that wa in it. I'll make use of this artwork somewhere somehow.. gotta drop that project though! :)

Haaayyy... The details, just made me realized how time and effort i spent on this work. Scrapped!


Narki said...

nge! grabiha pod to sila bai! ka CHUI sa imong gihimo!! they dont know what they're missing!

palot said...

dagahn nakog nahimo bai. hehehe mao jud ni pinaka-last! hahaha

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