Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Rendering the Arse

Woke up at 3am today to finish rendering an artwork. Don't have enough time, too many beautiful distractions on the side. Just cannot resist it!


tinay said...

Wow, this is sexy. :) Playful in a very femme kind. Nindot :)

palot said...

thanks tinay! ;)

oist! we haven't been officially introduced! diba, you're friends with Edz? :)

see you around!

Nonon Yee said...

@Palot: Payter!!! this is a sexy work...lamia ani oi...can't wait for the final artwork....^_^
Lot si Tinay writer and poet na sya...she writes erotic poetry before...i hope nag cge pa sya...hehe

@Tinay: she cannot deny!...we miss you...:D

Frances Cabahug said...

That's a beautiful, strong grip. Luvet.

palot said...

Hi Frances, there is sumthin about that grip, i wanted to make sure that it showed "panggigigil". hehehe

Non, pailaila nia ming Tinay if mag-abot mi. :)

Nonon Yee said...

@Palot: cge Lot...paila-ila tika kang Tinay...basin muanhi pud na sya in the coming months...^_^

Yowee said...

I am a fan as well. Kami ni Tinay. ^^

Non, ang akong Sa'Ku bag? lol.

tinay said...

naks non, thank you for e-whoring me :P. sigeg pa ko suwat oi pero dili na cyber erotica. haha.

@palot: wa jud ta nagkita pero i hope pag balik ko diha ah :) yes, edsyow is my kras.

palot said...

yowee, i see you around nonon's posts! pailaila pud nia ta ni nonon. hehehe :)

tinay, wala diay ka cebu? hehehe sigi. hope to see you soon. :)

Rachael said...

ooohh la la! sexy!

Rachael said...

sa exhibit pa mi makakita sa full pic? hehe

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